Home Compostable vs. Industrial Compostable: What You Need to Know

Woman Placing Vegetable Scaps On A Compost Bucket

When it comes to reducing waste and embracing a sustainable lifestyle, composting is a key strategy. But not all compostable materials are created equal. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between home compostable and industrial compostable materials, and how recycling centres like Anything Environmental in Mackay can help you make the right choice for […]

What Can Go In The Recycling Bin?

Grouping Recyclable Materials

Recycling is a great way for homeowners to do their bit for the environment and can be incorporated into their daily routines with relative ease. However, knowing what can be recycled and what bins different waste should go into can be a bit confusing. Getting this right is important because if waste becomes contaminated, what […]

Why Is Recycling Important?

Recycling Machine in Mackay Processing Cans

Why Is Recycling Important? Australia produces a lot of waste. Figures from 2019 show the average Aussie produces half a ton of trash each year, while the typical Australian household throws out 1.2 tonnes of waste in the same period. Add it all together and you get a whopping 78 million tonnes of waste each […]