We’ll Take Care of Your Recycling in Airlie Beach

Recycling in Airlie Beach

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Help Keep Airlie Beautiful

What do you do when you need to recycle your cans and bottles? Or when you need somewhere to sell your scrap metal? You visit Anything Environmental—that’s what you do! We’ve been helping keep Airlie Beach pristine by providing an extensive range of recycling services since 2016.

Our team is passionate about looking after the environment and educating our community on how to minimise waste. To achieve this, we provide everything from commercial and home collection to earthmoving, Containers for Change, drop and go bins and more! Discover a modern recycling solution, regardless of where you live in Airlie Beach—from Main Street to Airlie Creek and everywhere in-between!

Delivering on Customer Service

When you choose Anything Environmental to take care of your recycling, you can expect unbeatable customer service, reliability and professionalism. Our team is committed to making the recycling experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for our residential, commercial and industrial clients in Airlie Beach.

We understand it’s easy to run out of time to get to a depot on your days off. That’s why we’ve completely tailored our services to meet the needs of our customers by placing drop and go bins all over the region. This means you can drop off your containers on the way to work, school or wherever else you’re going! For more information, speak to our friendly staff on 0458 437 262.

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If you’ve been storing containers in your Airlie Beach home, drop them into our drop and go bins or bring them to our Containers for Change depot for a 10-cent refund per container.

We have placed over 10 drop and go bins throughout the region, including one in Airlie Beach, so no matter where you live, you can collect money for your containers.

Leave your commercial recycling in Airlie Beach to us. We offer a commercial collection service where our team will arrange to pick-up and replace containers from your business.

If you live in Airlie Beach, contact our team for home collection of your container recycling. We’ll visit your location, count your containers on-site and provide your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sporting groups, charities, schools and community organisations can register for a Scheme ID via the Containers for Change website to be eligible to receive donations. The scheme is a great way for these community groups to raise vital funds for their organisation. When people have their containers counted, they can choose to donate their refund to a community group. You may also be able to drop your containers directly to an organisation if they have a cage or bin.

This depends on your local Container Refund Point (CRP). Some CRPs offer a collect service where they will pick-up and replace containers for community groups, sometimes for a small fee. The best way to find out this information is to contact your nearest CRP.

The time it takes to receive your Containers for Change refund varies depending on your location. These varying timeframes are because when you drop your containers into a bag drop, they are transported to a depot and you won’t receive your refund until they are collected and counted. Refunds should be received in up to three business days for metro customers, up to seven days for regional customers and up to ten business days for remote customers.

A scheme ID is a unique code that allows you to receive your container refund directly into your bank account.

Yes, we do. All our depots do our counting by hand, so if we can identify the can, and the can is eligible, we can accept them. This means you can collect more crushed cans in your bags for your refund

Refunds will be in cash, electronic bank transfer., or you can donate to a participating community group, not-for-profit, school or charity to help them with fundraising efforts.

No. There is no obligation for you to sort containers before taking them to a Container Refund Point, although there may be some time-saving benefits if you do.

Recycling in Airlie Beach