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Earthmovers — Recycling and Earthmoving Services in Mackay, QLD

Experience You Can Trust

At Anything Environmental, we’ve a well-maintained fleet of earthmoving equipment, including Caterpillar Excavators and Hino Trucks—which receive regular maintenance. Servicing clients in Airlie Beach, Mackay and Proserpine, safety is our top priority!

Our Caterpillar Excavators

We choose Caterpillar Excavators for our earthmoving jobs due to their high break-out force and power to weight ratio. All our excavators have blades fitted, which is a great advantage when trying to enter virgin or compacted ground. This also generates greater lift and stability when pulling up or lifting.

Excavator — Recycling and Earthmoving Services in Mackay, QLD
Red truck — Recycling and Earthmoving Services in Mackay, QLD

Our Hino Trucks

Hino Trucks come with several major advantages, including a great power-to-weight ratio and having the best turning radius on the market. When being used for tipper work, which often requires having to back in or access tight spots, Hino Trucks leave longer bonneted trucks behind. With a low weight but the same GCM as other trucks, our Hino Trucks can carry higher payloads.

Our Machinery Maintenance

Our earthmoving equipment is a fundamental part of our business and breakdowns result in a very costly problem. Therefore, our equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards to minimise downtime. All our trucks carry tool kits and we always have a full-time trade qualified HD Fitter employed on board.

We go the extra mile to ensure smooth and efficient earthmoving work by replacing our machinery’s teeth and edges more often than recommended by the manufactures. This ensures all jobs are completed easier and faster, while causing less stress on equipment.

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