We Provide Commercial Recycling Collection in Mackay

commercial recycling bin

Commercial Recycling Solutions

Does your workplace produce high volumes of recyclable material? Need someone to collect your commercial scrap metal? The team here at Anything Environmental are more than happy to help! We provide reliable and efficient recycling collection services for commercial businesses in Mackay, Airlie Beach, Proserpine and the surrounding areas.

For Your Beverage Containers

Based on your specific requirements, we’ll provide your business with either a 240-litre bin or 1400-litre cage. Once the bin is full, simply give us a ring on (07) 4952 6866 and one of our staff will arrange for your bin to be collected and replaced. Our 240-litre bins have a minimum fortnightly collection; monthly for our 1400-litre cages. If a bin or cage can’t be collected within this time period, no replacement will be supplied.

Our recycling collection service is a fantastic way to earn money for your business, while reducing your waste. We’ll help you select the right size recycling bin so you can maximise your return, with 10-cents from every eligible container going directly into your bank account. This service costs $13.75 for a bin and $55.00 (inc. GST) for a cage, per change over. 

Our recycling collection service is purely about helping our community recycle. The fees cover the costs of the bins and cages as well as staff wages and the pick-up truck—it’s not a money-making venture! Give us a call on (07) 4952 6866 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. The rings have no adverse effect on the recycling of the container and are actually made from the same type of plastic as the bottle, so you don’t need to removed it.

Yes, the quickest way for us to process your cans and glass is if they are repacked into their boxes of 12, 24, 30 etc.

Yes, you can, but we ask that you flat crush them not hockey puck them. We must be able to read the ban code on the can.

Yes. There are several reasons why we may refuse to accept your containers, including because:

  • They are contaminated (i.e. contain sand or dirt, paint, petrol, noxious substances etc.)
  • The container is not recognisable as an eligible container (i.e. crushed beyond recognition or broken in the case of glass)
  • The container is not eligible under the scheme
  • We have reason to believe the container has already been redeemed or has been deposited from any kerbside recycling operator
  • If a person refuses to complete a declaration when asked to do so by the container refund point.
Containers deposited at a container refund point will be sorted by material type and prepared for collection and transportation to a processing centre, where the materials are tightly compacted and prepared for recycling. Containers are then sold through an online auction platform into domestic and export markets to approved recyclers where the material is recycled into new materials or back into beverage containers. Containers donated at donation points are transported to a nearby container refund point, to be manually counted and entered into the point-of-sale system. The donation point will then receive the refund amount for each container via electronic funds transfer to their nominated bank account.