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We’ll Take Care of Your Recycling in Mackay

Recycling in Mackay

Mackay Recycling Depot

Recycling Made Easy

Has your stockpile of bottles and cans grown out of control? Run out of time to visit our Containers for Change depot? No need to worry! At Anything Environmental we’ll take care of all your recycling requirements in Mackay—whether that’s collecting containers from your home or workplace, or purchasing your scrap metal.

To help the Mackay region reduce waste and earn money through recycling, we operate Containers for Change Collect Refund Point, where you can bring your eligible containers for a 10-cent refund. We’ve also placed drop and go bins around the region with one on Milton Street South and another on Bassett Street in North Mackay.

Exchange Your Cans for Cash

The Containers for Change scheme is a Queensland Government initiative that was designed to allow people to earn money for recycling their cans, bottles and other eligible containers. On top of earning money and raising valuable funds for community organisations, it also helps Mackay residents lower their environmental impact.

Anything Environmental was established in 2016 to help educate, inform and inspire Mackay residents to recycle and develop new ways to reduce their waste. Through home collection, drop and go bins, earthmoving and other services, we’re helping keep our community clean.

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We’ll pay money for your containers! Through our Containers for Change Collect Refund Point in Mackay, you can get 10-cents for every eligible container you return.

If you can’t make it to our Mackay depot, leave your eligible containers at one of our drop and go bins to receive your refund.

We provide efficient and stress-free commercial collection of cans, bottles and containers for businesses in Mackay. We’ll pick-up and replace a bin or a cage at your worksite.

Have your cans, bottles and containers recycled without leaving your home! We provide a home collection service for customers all over Mackay and the surrounding areas.

Recycling FAQs

When you take your cans and bottles to a Containers for Change depot, you can choose where your money goes. Charities, community groups, sporting organisations and schools can all register to receive these donations. Anyone in Queensland can then select their unique scheme ID and have their refund go directly to that organisation.

A Collect Refund Point is a location where you can return your containers for a 10-cent refund. They are independently run businesses that will collect, count and sort returned containers. They are also responsible for refunding their customers and organising transportation, processing and recycling of their returned containers.

The Containers for Change scheme features four different types of Collect Refund Points to ensure everyone in Queensland has access to container recycling. These four types include: depots, bag drops, reverse vending machines and pop-ups.

A Containers for Change depot is a CRP where customers can have their containers counted on the spot—either by machines or people. Depots are one of the most convenient ways to return your cans as you receive your refund instantly in the form of cash or EFT. Some depots offer a bag drop and go so customers can simply drop-off their bag of containers and have their refund transferred directly into their account using their scheme ID.

Recycling in Mackay