Drop and Go Bins - How do they work?



1. Register your details on the containers for change website www.containersforchange.com.au. After registration you will receive a scheme Id# - Keep this number handy.

2. After collecting all your bottles, cans and liquid cardboard containers, you can either call into our depot in Paget and receive your cash refund of up to $80 or you can bag up our containers and place your scheme ID# inside the bag. Securely tie up your bag and then deposit the bag into one of the convenient community drop and go bins. To find your closest community Drop and go bin.

3. We collect your bag from these community drop and go bins, take it back to our Paget depot, where the containers are sorted and counted. We then enter your scheme id# into the containers for change website and place in the number of eligible containers received. Overnight, the containers for change scheme will transfer your refund amount into your nominated bank account. A text /email will be sent to you to confirm the transfer.

I forgot to place a scheme ID# in the bag?

If you forget to place a Scheme Id# into your bag. We will hold your bag and containers at our Paget depot for 20 days for claiming. So, if after a couple of days of depositing your bag in the community bin you haven't received an email from CoEx. Call Anything Environmental on 07 4952 6866 or email us on admin@anyenviro.com.au and we will endeavour to locate your bag from the unclaimed bags.

I don't want the refund but would like to donate it to a local school/Sporting Club etc

For this you don't have to register on the Containers for change website.
You just place your containers in a bag, place inside the bag the name of the school, charity, association or their Scheme Id#. Securely tie up the bag and place the bag of containers into your nearest community drop and go bin.

Community Drop and Go Bin locations