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Proserpine - Pop Up Depot


Address: 61-63 Hinschen Street, Proserpine
Open 6 Days a week

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4pm
Saturday 8.30am – 12pm

When returning eligible containers, they must be empty and free from contamination. We do have the right as an authorised container refund point operator to refuse to accept ineligible containers, including those that are contaminated.

Crushed or squashed containers can be accepted as long as the container is recognisable as an eligible container. The containers should be returned with the caps removed. Glass bottles must be kept whole.


You may be paid the refund amount in one of the following ways:

Cash – only up to the limit of $80 per family/vehicle per day.

The payment of the refund in cash is at the discretion of the refund point operator

Direct deposit to your bank account, via your scheme account (allow 24 - 48 hours).