Commercial Collections


Anything Environmental provide a commercial collect service for local customers. This service is a separate logistics service from the Containers For Change scheme that we provide.

How it works

We will provide you with a bin or cage (suitable to your site requirements) free of charge. When the cage or bin is full you just let us know and we will come and collect the full cage or bins and replace it with an empty one. We then take the full bin/cage to our depot for refund processing.

We do have a minimum of fortnightly collection for 240 litre bin and monthly collection minimum for 1400 litre cage. If a collection isn’t made within these minimum time periods we will have to collect the cage/bin and no replacement supplied.

So please select the most suitable size. We are happy to work with you on sizing as we want to maximise your return. The full 10 cent refund for all your eligible containers goes straight into your bank account (via your scheme ID# from the container for change site)

The cost of this service is for a 240 litre wheelie bin $13.75 (inc GST) and for a large 1400 litre cage/bin $55.00 (inc GST) per change over. These costs are invoiced monthly directly to the company and are payable within 7days of invoice.

The bins/cages are not to contain ineligible containers or any rubbish. If rubbish is found in the bins, we will notify you of this error and will charge for Waste Transfer costs as per the local council waste transfer fees.

This service is not a money-making venture for Anything Environmental/Anything Earthmoving and the fee only covers the cost of the bins/cages, staff wages and the truck to pick them up. It is just a service we wish to offer for companies, schools and clubs, so that they can get on board the Containers For Change scheme. This is not a compulsory service and you are welcome to return your containers to our depot yourself for your full 10c refund per eligible container

If you have any questions please feel free to give me, Jason a call directly on 0407 437 262