anything environ

Community Groups, Schools and Charities


Containers for Change and Anything Environmental provides an exciting opportunity for community groups, schools and charities to benefit from the scheme.

Containers for Change can benefit schools and community groups, such as sporting and services clubs, local catchment groups and charities by helping them raise funds in a number of ways.

Options include:

  • Registering with Containers for Change so that anyone can choose to donate to you when they return their containers to a refund point – Website
  • Collecting eligible containers as a group, weather this be from regular sporting days, local onsite canteen facilities or events held at your premises.
  • Becoming a donation point and encouraging community members to donate their containers to your organisation. This can be completed by telling your members to donate to your charity and notify them of your Scheme Id# and name you are registered under. E.g. regular newsletters etc.
  • Partnering with Anything Environmental to access container collection infrastructure (such as bulker bags) for your events or activities. Anything Environmental have plans in place for the future, to supply caged trailers with wheelie bins that will be issued on a temporary basis. This can be used at your event. Please register via email our event with us to secure the trailer and bins. Trailer and bins will be available in mid 2019.
  • Also partnering with Anything Environmental we can arrange for collection (within our located collection area) and replacement of your onsite bulkier bags/cages. This allowing you to collect dropped off containers from the public for donation and containers used on your site.

Please email to register our local community group or charity. You will also need to register your community group or charity on the containers for change website to be issued a Scheme Id#