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Apart from helping the environment, you can make money recycling plastic bottles and cans, by taking them to our Paget Depot or using your nearest Community Drop and Go Bin.

On the 1st November 2018 the Queensland Government introduced the 10c refund scheme. This scheme gives back a 10c refund when empty containers, bottles, cans or cartons, are returned to an Anything Environmental Community Drop and Go bin or returned to our depot in Paget. This is giving the Queensland residents a way to make money from recycling.

Beverages covered by the legislation must be purchased in Queensland and show on the label one of these markings:
  • '10c refund at collection depots'
  • '10c refund at collection depots/points in participating state/territory of purchase'

The 10c refund is often referred to as a Container Exchange Refund / Containers for change refund.

Eligible containers between 150ml and 3 litres:
  • Fruit Juice - pure *
  • Flavoured milk *
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Non-Carbonated soft drinks such as energy drinks and sports drinks
  • Vegetable juice - pure *
  • Water - Plain, as well as still, carbonated, spring water and mineral water *
  • Alcoholic beverages (non grape) - cider, plum wine and sake etc
  • Beer/ale/spout
  • Pure spirituous liquor in something other than glass
  • Wine - alcoholic and non-alcoholic in plastic
  • Spirit based, flavoured alcoholic beverages
  • Alcopops and spirt based beverage sold in casks
  • Wine based, flavoured alcoholic beverages - fruit flavoured win and wine coolers.
Important note: Please remove lids or caps and empty all containers.

Register on the Containers for Change website
Once you have collected your eligible containers you can take them into your Paget Depot to be paid the refund amount on the spot, via electronic funds transfer or you may choose to have the refund donated to your local community group
Drop your identified bags that will be collected and counted at a later time by us to a community Drop and Go Bin site. (locations are listed on our website). Refund amounts will be paid by electronic funds transfer to the customer’s nominated bank account once the return has been processed or you may choose to have the refund donated to your local community group.

To identify your bags, you can insert a pre-printed label (these have your scheme id# and name on them or your local community group Scheme Id# and name -that you are donating too) and place this label inside your bag. To receive labels you can ring, email or call into our depot. Where we will print labels for you or arrange for them to left at the site of your nearest community drop and go bin for collection.

From our remote locations we will have having – Mobile Container Refund Points – these are temporary container refund points that will operate on a schedule timetable. This allowing our regional communities who don’t wish to utilise the local Community Drop and Go Bins have access to temporary depot style site. Location dates and time will be advertised.

When returning eligible containers, they must be empty and free from contamination. We do have the right as an authorised container refund point operator to refuse to accept ineligible containers, including those that are contaminated.

Crushed or squashed containers can be accepted at most refund points as long as the container is recognisable as an eligible container. The containers should be returned with the caps removed. Glass bottles must be kept whole.

How will I receive the refund amount?

You may be paid the refund amount at a container refund point in one of the following ways:

  • Cash – this is only available at our Paget depot and only up to the limit of $80. The payment of the refund in cash is at the discretion of the refund point operator.

  • Direct deposit to your bank account, via your scheme account (allow 24 - 48 hours).

If you take a container to a donation point, or choose ‘donate’ as an option, your 10 cents will be donated to the charity, school or organisation of your choice.

Business Info - How do Businesses get refunds from the scheme?


Please contact our office on 07 4952 6866 to talk to us about helping your business get refunds from the Containers For Change scheme.